The Misbegotten Interpretation

“The Misbegotten”
Angel-kin Aasimar Dual-Cursed Spirit Guide Oracle/VMC Sorcerer
(Dark Tapestry Mystery, Shattered Psyche Curse, Wasting Curse, Aberrant Bloodline, Nameless One feat)

The Misbegotten is the bastard son of a noble family; his mother was ravaged by a half-orc servant and the Misbegotten was the result. Unsure whether their child was a result of the servant’s crime, his mother and stepfather decided to keep the Misbegotten, but when he was born, his mother cast him away and forevermore ignored him. Still, feeling some sense of responsibility, his mother did her son a “kindness” and kept him a secret at the estate (albeit far from her sight), and he was raised by servants. His father’s fate – whether he fled or was killed – was treated as taboo and never discussed. When he grew older, the Misbegotten would sneak out to the city slums looking for his father, but he never found him (The Courtesan – Carefully Hidden trait.)

One terrible night, after being beaten by his stepfather, the Misbegotten snuck down to the basement of the estate and made his way to his father’s old room, which had long been boarded shut. After prying the boards loose, he found the room empty and covered with a layer of dust. That night and for several nights thereafter, the Misbegotten slept in that dusty room until one evening when he happened to notice a brick out of place. Pulling it from the wall, he found a hidden compartment, and within, tomes on orc shamanism and containing occult rituals. The Misbegotten studied them feverishly in secret, and slowly began mastering the dark arts within. Years went by like this until he was eventually discovered with them. After being severely beaten and punished, the Misbegotten finally fled the estate, determined to find a master to teach him more (The Bear.)

To his everlasting regret, he succeeded. His master was a severe and brutal half-orc shaman, but despite the adversity, the Misbegotten flourished under his tutelage, and both the Misbegotten and his master reveled in the knowledge they each shared with the other (The Foreign Trader – Spirit Guide, Eldritch Heritage – Orc bloodline, Heavens spirit, Sensitive Mind trait.)

When his master finally found him ready, he introduced him to a cabal of dark cultists who agreed to induct him into their foul order. The Misbegotten was tortured for days, his mind slowly peeled away like the layers of an onion. When his spirit was finally broken, the cultists opened his mind to the void, and the void gazed back (The Beating – Dark Tapestry mystery, Aberrant bloodline, Shattered Psyche curse.)

He awoke to the sound of screaming – an almost otherworldly, inhuman screaming, which he eventually realized was coming from his own throat. In that moment, his mind teetering at the brink of madness, standing at the precipice of joining the cult’s unholy union, he revolted. He tore himself free of his bindings, slew several occultists with his bare hands and teeth, and ran (The Paladin – Deathless Spirit.)

As he ran, he remembered a ritual contained in his father’s books – a ritual he had often wondered if his father had not performed: a ritual that would strip someone of their name and leave them disfigured beyond recognition (The Juggler.)

Somehow, he made his way back to his family’s estate to recover the books and steal valuables to pay for the necessary components – his birthright, such as it was. Fortunately, he found both. As the curse took hold, he found himself laughing for the first time in what felt like ages; but for the first time, it was the hysterical, sobbing laughter of a broken man (The Avalanche – Dual Cursed, Wasting curse, Misbegotten drawback, Nameless One feat.)

The Misbegotten remembers little from that point on. Wandering aimlessly, he disappeared into the forgotten corners of mankind’s streets and slums, living off of the discarded refuse of his betters (The Wanderer – Skill Focus: Survival trait, Empty Mask drawback.)

He lives in a state of constant fear that the darkness within him will grow powerful enough to consume and control him – or that the dark cabal of cultists will find him. He desperately fights against the dark, leveraging the power of his blood and shamanistic magic against it (The Marriage – Dark Tapestry Mystery versus Heavens Spirit; Aberrant Bloodline versus Orc Bloodline.)

Despite his inborn strength and resolute stand against the darkness, however, he believes his survival instincts to be cowardice – were he a brave man, he believes, he would end his life, as he believes the knowledge contained within him can bring only suffering (The Vision – Immortal Spark.)

However, though he believes his own life is forfeit, he will gladly give it in the service of others. He hopes that one day, he might be able redeem his miserable soul by sacrificing his life for some greater purpose, and on many nights, he dreams of standing up against the darkness and driving it back, protecting the world from a danger they don’t even know is on their doorstep (The Carnival – Community-Minded trait.)

The Misbegotten Interpretation

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