Altered Archetypes

Class Archetype Summary of Changes
Alchemist Chirurgeon Infused Curative grants Infusion discovery
Alchemist Fermenter Adjusts substance tolerance for use with Drinking Rules
Cleric Crusader Increased combat prowess, but restricted domain selection
Druid Nature Fang Increased combat prowess, but lose nature’s bond
Familiar Sage Familiar Can speak one language
Medium Reanimated Medium Houserule to fix the non-functioning channel self ability
Monk Drunken Master Adjusts the benefits and penalties of inebriation for use with Drinking Rules
Monk Sensei Adjusted for better compatibility with rebuilt monk
Paladin Chosen One Familiar gains Speak with Master at first level
Rogue Eldritch Scoundrel Adjusted for better compatibility with rebuilt Rogue
Witch Scarred Witch Doctor The pre-errata version of the Scarred Witch Doctor will be used

New Archetypes

Class Archetype Archetype Description
Alchemist Artificer A tinker that imbues his extracts into wondrous contraptions.
Arcanist Apocryphate An apocryphate is a divine scholar that seeks out forbidden and heretical lore.
Cavalier Order of the Flagon Eat, drink, and be merry!
Cleric Apostle Apostles are traveling missionaries that seek to convert others to their faith.
Monk Wuxia Monk A monk that focuses on mastering a martial style.
Shifter True Shifter A shapeshifter capable of taking on any form.

Archetype Rule Changes

You may select archetypes which alter the same class feature so long as those alterations do not interfere with each other. For example, the paladin archetypes Chosen One and Hospitaler both alter smite evil. However, these alterations do not interfere (in fact, it could be argued that they synergize): Chosen One delays acquiring smite evil until 2nd level (but specifically does not affect later advancement of smite evil), whereas Hospitaler instead delays those later advancements.


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