Mel'vin Joens

Merchant of Marvelous Magic


Human Sorcerer 3/Oracle 4/Mystic Theurge 5

Eschew Materials
1) Craft Wondrous Item
H) Eldritch Heritage
3) Eclectic Training (Sorcerer)
5) Craft Magic Arms & Armor
7) Esoteric Training
9) Inscribe Magical Tattoo
11) Craft Staves and Wands

Bobo Rental Service
Mel’vin will helpfully allow others to borrow Bobo to assist in their own magic item crafting for a fee of 10% of the crafting cost (or 5% of market cost) of the item. For example, for an item that costs 6,000gp to craft (with a 12,000gp market cost), Mel’vin would charge 600 gold for Bobo’s cooperative crafting services.

Notable Traits
Magical Knack (Oracle)
Skill Focus (Knowledge: Arcana)

Trained Skills
Sense Motive
Knowledge (Arcana)
Knowledge (Local)
Profession (Merchant)

Sorcerer 11 (CL 11)
Cantrips (2gp)

  • Arcane Mark
  • Detect Magic
  • Light
  • Mending
  • Message
  • Read Magic
  • Vacuous Vessel
  • Open/Close
  • Prestidigitation
    1st-level (110gp)
  • Alarm
  • Alchemical Tinkering
  • Ant Haul
  • Blood Money
  • Charm Person
  • Comprehend Languages
    2nd-level (220gp)
  • Create Treasure Map
  • Full Pouch
  • Invisibility
  • Knock
  • Retrieve Item
  • Raiment of Command
    3rd-level (330gp)
  • Discern Value
  • Shrink Item
  • Suggestion
  • Business Booms
  • Diamond Spray
    4th-level (440gp)
  • Detect Scrying
  • Make Whole, Greater
  • Emergency Force Sphere
  • Dimension Door
    5th-level (550gp)
  • Prying Eyes
  • Fabricate
  • Permanency

Oracle 10 (CL 12)
Orisons (2gp)

  • Create Water
  • Guidance
  • Purify Food & Drink
  • Scrivener’s Chant
  • Sotto Voice
  • Stabilize
  • Detect Fiendish Presence
  • Spark
  • Detect Poison
    1st-level (120gp)
  • Cure Light Wounds (50gp)
  • Abadar’s Truthtelling
  • Authenticating Gaze
  • Bless Water
  • Cultural Adaptation
  • Identify
  • Resize Armaments
    2nd-level (240gp)
  • Cure Moderate Wounds (200gp)
  • Make Whole
  • Masterwork Transformation
  • Tongues
  • Zone of Truth
  • Silent Table
    3rd-level (360gp)
  • Cure Serious Wounds
  • Locate Object
  • Oath of Justice
  • Stone Shape
  • Dispel Magic
    4th-level (480gp)
  • Cure Critical Wounds
  • Legend Lore
  • Restoration
  • Sending
    5th-level (600gp)
  • Cure Light Wounds, Mass
  • Contact Other Plane
  • Raise Dead

Mel’vin Joens is a clever and opportunistic trader originally hailing from Nex.

After the defeat of the reawakened Runelord Karzoug at the hands of the heroes of Sandpoint and the subsequent founding of the nation of Storval, Mel’vin made his way to Varisia to exploit new opportunities and make his fortune.

Mel’vin operates a caravan that travels between Magnimar, Sandpoint, Rannick, Nybor, and the many other towns and villages that dot Southwestern Varisia. He even makes regular trips as far as Korvosa, Janderhoff, and Xin-Shalast to stock more exotic wares that are hard to come by but often in high demand.

Mel’vin is a devout worshipper of Abadar, and although known for being a shrewd and calculating businessman, Mel’vin also has a sterling reputation as being a man of his word – at least to the letter if not exactly in spirit.

Mel'vin Joens

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