Adult Beverages

Ubada’s drink of choice is applejack. Her mother’s family used to distill cider and it became a favorite of hers from the one winter she got to spend with her mother’s family.

Auste’s drink of choice is wine and sake in particular.

Grimm enjoys a fine Dwarven Ale when he can get his hands on one, but isn’t picky. He’s been known to down a grog or two when desperate.

Lossenmel is known for the fine ales and lagers that he produces out of the old Two Knights Brewery, of which he’s especially fond of his “Sandpoint Devil Stout”.

Ale, Beer, Cider, Mead and Other Similar Strength Brews

Andoren Beer
Beer from Andoran is highly prized by locals and lauded above other Inner Sea region beers.

Applejack is a particularly strong cider where the alcohol is concentrated using a process of freezing the cider in the winter and then removing the ice from it.

Barley stout
Available in Andoran.

Bellis Mead
Bellis is known to produce high quality honey, beeswax, and mead.

Blackpeak Ale
An ale brewed at the Blackpeak Brewery in Dalaston.

Brow Brew
Brow Brew is an oddity of beers, being produced primarily from grapes harvested from the vineyard of the Numerian town of Iadenveigh. The tough grapes are practically inedible, but are fermented with a particular yeast, grain and wood mushrooms to make a distinctive and rough beer considered an ‘acquired taste’ by visitors to the town.

This disgusting concoction is made by adding toxin from a poisonous toad or frog to beer. The poison is inserted in different ways, such as soaking the amphibian in the ale, soaking its eggs in the ale or milking the poison from the amphibian and then mixing it in.
Bufo is not consumed in civilized societies, but goblins, boggards and other primitive humanoids lap it up, sometimes eating the amphibian as a bonus at the end of their drink.

This ale is the standard beer drunk in Absalom. The recipe was said to be the last beer Cayden Cailean had before he undertook the Test of the Starstone. The hops for this beer were originally grown on the Isle of Kortos, but the massive brewery now imports from Andoran and Taldor.

Cauim is made by chewing manioc root or maize creating a different type of beer.

Cheerful Delver Stout
Cheerful Delver Stout is a dark ale with an earthy character that has become quite well known and popular in Varnhold, and its immediate environs, since the town’s small brewery was established.

Dwarven “Magic” Ales
Dwarves have an ancient heritage of brewing strong ales since before the Quest for Sky. The potent liquors brewed in those early times with ingredients from the Darklands are approximated today by blending exotic ingredients with traditional grains and hops. In some cases, these special dwarven brews begin to take on characteristics akin to magic potions, though still crafted using alchemical methods. Dwarven Magic Ales are extremely potent, counting as two drinks for the purpose of determining inebriation. They each cost 50 gold per dose.

Boulderhead Bock
This malty ale has a legendarily thick, creamy head. It creates a pleasant buzz and sense of euphoria that dull the effects of pain and concussions, granting the drinker a +1 alchemical bonus on saving throws to avoid becoming dazed, staggered, or stunned, or against any effect with the pain descriptor (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 138) for 1 hour. In addition, a dose of boulderhead bock grants the drinker 1d6 temporary hit points that apply exclusively against nonlethal damage. Multiple doses of boulderhead bock stack, to a maximum alchemical bonus of +5 and a maximum of 20 temporary hit points.

Dwarven Fire Ale
This powerful brew causes those who consume it to fly into a rage for 1d4 rounds (as per the spell) and their bodies begin to overheat, granting cold resistance 5 for 1 hour.
Though useful, the effect is traumatic, and deals 1d2 points of Con damage.

Icecap Ale
This rare and unusual brew is fortified by a process of repeated partial freezing, during which the ice is continually skimmed off, resulting in a draught with more than 10 times the alcohol content of ordinary ale.
Icecap ale grants a +2 alchemical bonus to the drinker’s Strength and Constitution for 1 minute, as well as a +4 alchemical bonus on saving throws against compulsions and fear. However, after this initial surge of energy, the drinker becomes fatigued and takes a –4 penalty on Dexterity- and Strength based skill checks for 1 hour. In addition, the drinker loses all memory of events that transpired during the 1d4 minutes directly following consumption of a draught of icecap ale; a successful DC 20 Fortitude save negates this memory loss. Additional doses of icecap ale imbibed during the hour following an initial dose cause the drinker to become sickened for 1 minute (instead of gaining a bonus to Strength and Constitution) and to suffer all the negative effects of icecap ale.

Longbeard Lambic
One of the oldest known dwarven ales, longbeard lambic is fermented with wild airborne yeasts and cultures, especially those that proliferate in the dank caves where it has been brewed since long before the Quest for Sky began.
Longbeard lambic has a bracing effect that shocks the system.
If the drinker is fatigued, shaken, or staggered, she can ignore these conditions for 1d4 rounds after imbibing longbeard lambic. In addition, a dose of longbeard lambic can reduce the exhausted condition to fatigued or the frightened condition to shaken (drinker’s choice) for the same duration. If you consume a second longbeard lambic within 1 minute of the previous dose, you must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1d4 rounds. The DC increases by 5 for each dose imbibed within the same time span. Dwarves gain a +5 racial bonus on this saving throw.

Wyrm’s Breath Bitter
This green-tinged brew has a pungent, bitter bite. It’s flavored with a variety of foul-smelling herbs and is intensely carbonated through a unique fermentation process.
Sometimes given to visitors as a prank, wyrm’s breath bitter causes the drinker to become sickened for 1d6 minutes (Fortitude DC 12 negates); dwarves gain a +5 racial bonus on this saving throw. After drinking a dose of wyrm’s breath bitter, the drinker can, as a move action, unleash a thunderous and noxious belch in either a 5-foot-radius spread or a 10-foot cone. Creatures in the area are deafened and sickened for 1 round (Fortitude DC 12 negates).
The drinker must wait 1d4 rounds before belching again, but can belch as often as desired for up to 10 minutes after drinking a wyrm’s breath bitter.

Dwarven Stout
Dwarven stouts come in many varieties but are essentially dark beers fermented in dwarven societies but often found in other civilized lands nearby. Recipes are fiercely guarded within clans and there is much competition amongst dwarves for producing the best beer.

Fort Indros Ale
A brew from the city of Magnimar, named after its primary fortification, Fort Indros.

Hardroot Cider
Hardroot cider is known for being particularly dry.

Ipeq Beer
Found in the Osirian city of Ipeq, the local beer is a very filling beer that is sweet and thick in consistency.

Made from apples, Knee-Cracker cider possessed a heavy sediment. It was suggested to let a container of Knee-Cracker sit for three days upon receipt to allow the sediment to settle.This cider was a flavorful cloudy beverage that was stronger than ale but weaker than wine

Kumis is made by fermenting horse milk; it is drunk cold.

Liquid Ghosts
Created by Zokar Elkarid of the Laughing Demon tavern in Ravengro, Ustalav, Liquid Ghosts is a pale ale, sweet to taste and strangely glowing with a greenish hue.

Luglurch Ale
Most races find this pale and frothy beer too salty to swallow, but halflings simply consider it an acquired taste. Drinking three or more cups of Luglurch in a 1-minute span gives a halfling a –2 penalty on Perception checks and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves and Acrobatics checks for 10 minutes.
Note: Non-halflings do not receive any bonuses from this drink.

Mead comes in many different varieties but, in essence, it is fermented honey. Different varieties are flavoured with spices, fruit or hops. Regional meads can be found elsewhere in this article.

Linnorm Mead
This honey mead is sweet and strong and, according to bards, is an indisputable aid to singing.

The treants of the Verduran Forest brew a concoction known as nodrim from fermented apples, wood chips, and clear water. It is intoxicating to them, but it is unknown whether it also similarly affects non-treants.

Pulque is fermented using the heart or sap of agave plants forming a milky white, thick brew.

Qadiran Cider
Qadiran cider may be found as far as Absalom.

Rusty Ale
Rusty Ale is a popular drink at the Copper Coin tavern in Torch, Numeria.

Rusty Dragon Brewery
The Rusty Dragon Brewery is the refurbished former Two Knight Brewery in Sandpoint, Varisia. The Rusty Dragon is known for its fine variety of ales and lagers, as well as the occasional special seasonal brew.

Sake is a strong alcoholic beverage brewed in a similar process to brewing beer; despite its manufacturing process, it is sometimes confusingly called rice wine outside Tian Xia. It is made in Tian Xia, particularly in Minkai. Sake may be aged, like wine, which increases its value. It is very rare to find sake in the Inner Sea region, though some is imported from Minkai.

Despite its fame as a centre for fine wine, some of the best ale and cider distributed in the Inner Sea region is brewed in Sarain in the River Kingdom of Pitax.

Steelforged Stout
Steelforged Stout is a popular drink at the Copper Coin tavern in Torch, Numeria.

Tepache is a low-alcohol brew, found in tropical climes, that is made from beer, pineapple, sugar and cinnamon; sometimes other tropical fruits are used in place of the pineapple. The mixture is fermented together and the resulting brew is served cold with chilli powder.

Thileu Lager
Thileu bark is used to brew Thileu Lager sold by Jerikal Ashworth of Jerikal’s Ales in Katapesh.

Three Devil Ale
Three Devil Ale is the house beer of the Silver Stoat tavern in the village of Heldren in Taldor. It is brewed on the premises by the landlady Kale Garimos and flavoured with hops imported from Cheliax, hence the ale’s name, one assumes.

Two Knight Brewery Ale & Mead
These are a collection of meads and ales brewed at the Two Knight Brewery in the Varisian town of Sandpoint. No longer available after the Two Knight Brewery was purchased by Ameiko in 4707 AR.
See Rusty Dragon Brewery.

Ulseberry Ale
This ale is known to be served in the Rusty Dragon inn in Sandpoint, Varisia and the Old Fang inn in Magnimar.

Wineberry Mead
Wineberry Mead is a popular drink at the Copper Coin tavern in Torch, Numeria.

Wine, Fortified Wine & Viniculture

Alkenstar Ice Wine
Alkenstar ice wine is a favoured among Geb’s nobility but may also be found in the Rusty Glove in Alkenstar’s Ferrous Quarter.

Blackberry Wine
Known to be drunk in Druma, this is a wine made from blackberries rather than grapes.

Made from the blood of sentient creatures (Usually drow, duergar, or svirfneblin, but particularly rare vintages include morlock) and spiced with subterranean additives such as brain mold spores, this is a favorite of serpentfolk. It affects the snake-men as normal wine does humans, and is poisonous to most creatures. These drinks cost 100 gp.

Chelish Wine
Both red and white wine are produced in Cheliax including wine of the highest quality. Varian Jeggare owns vineyards in western Cheliax that produce both red and white wine. Notably fine Chelish wines include Wiscrani Barbera wine.

Corentyn wine
Red and white wines grown in the salt spray of Corentyn have a sweet–tart flavor valued by nobles throughout Cheliax.

Dessert Wine
Dessert wine is sweet wine taken during a sweet course of a meal.

Elven Wine
Elven wine is very fine in quality and sweet in taste; it may even exceed a fine Galtan vintage wine in quality (see below). The alcoholic potency of the wine is often unrealized by those drinking it until much later.] Elves of Kyonin also create subtle wines made from berries. Midsummer wine is made by the elves of Kyonin to celebrate the summer festival. It is a delicate white wine yet has a pleasing length.

Galdurian Wine
This wine may be aged to improve its quality and can be worth many gold pieces per bottle.

Galtan Wine
Galtan wine can be very fine and smooth on the palate, though the revolutionary nature of the country currently makes wine making very difficult. Quality is sufficient enough that vintage wines may be made to lay down; these vintage wines may be sweet.

Irrisen Icewine
Irrisen Icewine from Hoarwood city may be purchased illegally from the White Weasel, the only tavern in the village of Waldsby in Irrisen.

Korvosan Wine
Wine is produced in the Varisian city state of Korvosa, including port (q.v.)

Palm Wine
Extraction of the sap of palm trees may be performed by tapping the trees’ trunks and this sap may then be fermented into palm wine. Sometimes, this palm wine may be distilled into a stronger drink called lagmi.

Port is a fortified wine found in many varieties and hues, such as the tawny port of Korvosa.

Rice Wine
See Sake above in the ‘Ale, Beer, Cider, Mead and Other Similar Strength Brews’ section

Some of the best wine distributed in the Inner Sea region is harvested in the vineyards of Sarain in the River Kingdom of Pitax.

Sauerton Red
A wine renowned as cheap and unpleasant from the village of Sauerton in Andoran.

Sealord Wine
Sealord wine is a generic term for wines, red and white, grown in coastal vineyards. The distinctive taste is favoured by nobles.

Stone Giant Wine
Stone giants have one exception to a policy of simple agriculture: viniculture. Stone giant wines are made for their own use and for their palate: they are sour and full of tannin, providing a dry and more bitter taste.

Syrinelle is a grape variety and is used to produce a fine elven vintage in the settlement of Riverspire in Kyonin.

Ustalav Wine
Countess Carmilla Caliphvaso‎ has recently bought the neglected Iomedaean Abbey of Sante-Lymirin and its estate and turned it over vineyards and to producing wine. The wine is fine and marked as being of Countess Carmilla Caliphvaso‎’s estate.

Whiterose Abbey Wine
The monks of Whiterose Abbey used to be expert vintners (and brewers) blessed by Cayden Cailean such that their products gained in flavour and alcoholic strength. The abbey is found close to Mount Branthlend in the River Kingdoms. Wines known to have been produced include fine Whiterose chardonnay worth a fortune if sold today.

Zimaran Wine
Wine is produced in the Taldan city of Zimar.


Absinthe is a favoured drink of creative folk such as artists. It is green in colour and made from wormwood.

Elven Absinthe
Elven absinthe, sometimes called Feywine, is powerful and deeply intoxicating. Drinking it temporarily grants the immortal grace and beauty of the sidhe of the First World, imparting a 1d4 alchemical bonus to Charisma for one hour.
However, this leaves the body weak when the effects end and mortality forcefully reasserts itself, dealing 1d4 Con damage (per glass of Elven Absinthe consumed.)
Elven Absinthe is addictive, and a glass counts as two drinks for the purpose of determining inebriation.
Elven Absinthe costs 500 gp per bottle.

Arrack is a distilled alcoholic spirit made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers, sugar cane, grain (e.g., red rice) or fruit. It is known to be popular in Elidir where a strong flavoured version is offered.

Bagog’s liquor
Bagog’s liquor is a highly intoxicating still made by the owner of the Bagog’s Roundhouse tavern in the town of Dragonsthrall on the Dahak’s Horn island in the Shackles.

Baijiu is a clear drink usually distilled from sorghum. Its taste is corrosive and has to be acquired.

Bog Grog
This strong liquor is served at the Lean-To tavern in the Varisian town of Wartle. It has a gritty consistency and the dregs may be partaken from the communal bottle, although this is not recommended.

Brandy is made by distilling wine and is known in the following types.

Bramble-Sick Brandy
A unique spirit brewed by bugbears from Tomb Herald to enhance their sense of smell while hunting, but has a sickening after effect.

Pesh Brandy
Pesh brandy is a spirit presumably based on the drug pesh; it has a sweetness as well as a warmth on the palate.

Taldan Fire-Brandy
Collected by connoisseurs, this strong alcohol is made in Taldor.

Ustalavic Brandy
Ustalavic brandy may be very fine indeed.

Corn Liquor
Corn liquor is distilled liquor based on maize as its grain.

Daggermark Drip
This warming spirit is sold in The Hardened Road pub in Magnimar.

Gear Grog
Gear grog is the house brew sold by Bruner Derwel in the Rusty Glove in Alkenstar; it is a thick oily spirit.

Grain Alcohol
Grain alcohol is made by distilling fermented grains of various types. Generic grain alcohol tends to be inferior to a whisky and can be used to spike drinks of a lower alcoholic content, such as ale.

See Rum, below.

See Palm Wine, above.

Mulue is a fruit flourishing in the Mwangi Expanse growing on vines exclusively found almost a week into the jungle. The higher echelons of Chelish society ferment mulue to create a potent drink.

Mupute is a strong pineapple liqueur distilled in Garund.

This Vudrani drink is made from fruit and is sweet and strongly alcoholic.

Poitin is a potent potato liquor favored by leprechauns. The drink has magical properties, allowing mortals to see fey and other denizens of the First World free of illusions and plainly visible for an hour after drinking. This inevitably attracts the ire of hostile fey, much to the leprechauns’ delight. It is also exceptionally strong, and those who drink of it rarely remember their experiences.

Rum & Grog
Rum is doled out on board many ships, sometimes diluted with water to make ‘grog’. On many ships the rum or grog ration is enforced and penalties are suffered for defaulting. Sometimes lemon or lime juice is added to the grog to prevent scurvy and to make the sometimes disgusting concoction more palatable.When rum is unavailable, grogs may be made by mixing whatever alcohol is available; though disgusting, if it is all that is available, it will be drunk on board ship.

Spiced Rum
Rum may be flavoured with various spices to make spiced rum or spiced grog. One such recipe for spiced grog is a mixture of rum, spices, and some lime and sugar.

This vodka is made from potatoes. One of the more famous varieties is served at the Tin King Alley Tavern in the Irriseni settlement of Zlatomesto.

Whisky / Whiskey
Whisky, sometimes spelt whiskey, is made in many varieties in many parts of Golarion. In essence, a whisky is distilled grain liquor. The grain might be barley, maize, rye or wheat. Ageing in wooden casks improves the flavour.

Black Hill Whiskey
Black Hill Whiskey is a popular drink at the Copper Coin tavern in Torch, Numeria.

Chelaxian Pepper Whiskey
Sold by the bottle at Jeggare’s Jug, the first drinking establishment built in Korvosa.

Dragon Punch Whiskey
According to legend, the inventor of this dark and harsh liquor actually did attack a dragon bare handed (and presumably lived to pass on the recipe). Halflings who drink four cups of Dragon Punch Whiskey in the space of an hour take a –4 penalty to Dexterity but gain a +4 alchemical bonus on saves against fear for the next 10 minutes.
Note: Non-halflings do not receive any bonuses from this drink.

Dragonscar Whiskey

Fish Oil Whiskey
Fish oil whiskey is a disgustingly smelling whiskey, sometimes taken for medicinal purposes.

Gnome Whiskey
Whiskey made by gnomes is distinctive enough to distinguished. See Throatburn below for a specific type of gnome whiskey.

Janderhoff Whiskey
Janderhoff whiskey is distilled in Janderhoff, presumably by the native dwarves.

Old Erebus
Old Erebus is a cheap whiskey sold in brown bottles that is made in southern Cheliax.

Oldlaw Whiskey
This variety of whiskey is a single-malt variety that has been made for nearly two hundred years targeted at the soldier community.

A very potent whisky, throatburn is made by the gnomes of Kalsgard.

Strong spirit distilled in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. It is made in enough quantity for the barrels to be used for fuelling ring defences around villages called fire moats, burning with a blue flame. It is also used from flasks to clean wounds.

Winteryew Moonshine
Winteryew moonshine is the local liquor of the village of Waldsby in Irrisen made by distilling winteryew bark. It may be purchased, albeit in watered-down fashion, from the White Weasel, the only tavern in the village.

Mixed Drinks

Bilgwater Surprize
A cheap favorite of the unlucky of Ilizmagorti, it is made from the leftover dregs of whatever other drinks the bartender has made recently. It costs only 1cp.

Damsel in Distress
White Wine and pomegranate juice. This drink costs 6 sp each.

Dark and Stormy
Costing 2sp, this cocktail is made from ginger beer, dark rum, and a slice of lime.

Half a Doubloon
Made by mixing dark rum, orange liqueur, and apple juice. In Ilizmagorti this drink costs 5 sp.

Island Dream
A drink sold to visitors to Ilizmagorti, this drink is made with absinthe and fruit. The absinthe and strong alcohol make the visitor a easy target for locals. Because of this, it costs 1 gp.

Kiss of the Mantis
A spicy drink, made from vodka, tomatoes, pepper, and some other vegetables. Legend states that the additional secret ingredient is blood of a fiendish giant praying mantis. A glass costs 1 gp.

Lisken’s Medicinal Tonic
Lisken’s Medicinal Tonic is normally used as a relief for insomnia or as a gentle sedative but, for 10 gp per cup, halflings will purchase this alcoholic drink to slow and quieten themselves down in a more pronounced fashion; it has no such strong effect on other races.

This strong cocktail is served warm and contains rum, wine, ale, eggs, sugar and spices.

Rusty Cutlass
Herb liqueur mixed with whiskey and honey from Ilizmagorti. A rusty cutlass costs 8 cp.

Three Salts and a Dog
A drink served in a glass with a salted rim, a three salts and a dog consists of Whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum and costs 4 sp.

Three Sheets
Served similarly to three salts and a dog, a three sheets is made by mixing at least three different types of rum and costs 6 cp.

Whore’s Breakfast
Costing a silver piece, a whore’s breakfast is a mug of ale with a shot of rum dropped in it. This is topped off with a tomato wedge garnish.

Alchemical Alcohols & Treatments

Alchemist’s Kindness
Favored by young rakes and others of means, this is a crystalline powder resembling salt. Mixed with water, it makes a fizzing cocktail that eliminates the effects of a hangover within 10 minutes of drinking it.


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